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By choosing our platform, you will be able to gather all your content in one place – and in one database. From this database, different versions of the content can be styled into different output formats as internetBooks, eBooks or traditional paper books. This is Single Source Publishing. And you might already have noticed the green badge in our footer: our platform is hosted green. The green transition does not happen overnight, but we are proud to take part of the transition towards a green Internet.

By using our platform, your content is separated from the output format. This makes it easy and fast for you to update the content, regardless of output format, and each update does not require a new production process. All media are handled in one workflow. Our Single Source Publishing model is illustrated below. 

Single Source Publishing

Systime Solutions explores and adapts to evolving digital possibilities to create modern publishing platforms and tools and to produce the best learning material. We offer the following solutions and tools: 

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