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  • Note function 

  • Speech synthesis 

  • Internal- and external links to content

  • Feedback and suggestion box

  • eBook for offline usage 

  • Build in Teaching resources 

  • Responsive design

  • Table of content

The internetBook has established itself as the number one online educational material format in Denmark for upper secondary school education.

The internetBook is an interactive browser-based book that constantly adapts to evolving digital possibilities. An internetBook resembles a traditional paper book in certain ways but leverages the possibilities that the internet presents to motivate learner interactivity and enable easy ongoing updates for publishers, among other things. What’s more, you can add rich media elements to internetBooks, such as videos, audio, interactive exercises and much more.

There are many advantages to using the internetBook. Being able to continuously update the internetBook means that your publications will always be up to date, extending their lifespan significantly. The lifespan is also extended due to the fact that internetBooks can be released earlier than other formats. Many of the internetBook’s advantages are related to the wide range of features and tools that users can gain access to, such as:

Embedded video

Mathematical and science tools

Language versioning



Speech synthesis*

Interactive exercises

Internal and external links to content


Feedback and suggestion box*

Highlight feature

Possibility of eBook for offline usage

Dyslectic modes

Built-in teaching resources**

Advanced search function

Responsive design

Clickable glossaries

A table of contents

*      Features depending on third-party integration
**    Features available through use of MyAccount

Read more about the different access options to features here

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