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With BookCreator, you can easily make high-quality eBooks and printable versions of your content available online. Building on Prince, BookCreator is 100% browser-based, so you do not have to install anything to get started.

BookCreator extracts content directly from your Single Source Publishing database and converts it into PDF format. The layout is based on a simple template that quickly gives you a near-finished book. You can customise most things or add your own design using CSS. This process is much more efficient compared to traditional methods of book production. You can literally get started in minutes and refine the layout as much as you want.

Advantages of using BookCreator:


Content is shared between digital and analogue formats – no need for separate workflows.


Template-based design gives you results fast.


Printed materials can easily be updated.


Quick production gives you more flexibility in your editorial workflow.


No installations needed – you can work directly from your browser.


Layout can be reused from book to book.


Click here to preview a print ready PDF made

in BookCreator

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