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About us


Systime Solutions is now an independent division within the well-established publishing house, Systime, which has been the front-runner and digital innovator in the Danish educational publishing market for many years. Systime has gained large market shares with its digital approaches to publishing workflows and products, and now has an advanced platform and well-tested tools for streamlined digital and print publishing.

Systime has transformed traditional teaching materials into digital teaching materials, particularly with the invention of the internetBook in 2010. The internetBook is based on the Single Source Publishing method. By using this method, a publication no longer has to be a complete and finished product; instead the process can be dynamic and continuous – engaging users and customers.

With the ongoing development and success of the internetBook, Systime Solutions began to offer its platforms and tools to other publishers. Thanks to Systime Solutions’ many years of experience, today the platform is well developed to suit our clients’ needs for a modern publishing platform.

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